Concurrent enables broadband on-demand services

Concurrent Computer's MediaHawk on-demand platform is now available. The platform enables international broadband system operators to provide advanced digital video-on-demand (VOD) and subscription video-on-demand (SVOD) services.

The enhancements include support for multiple-byte character set languages; support for a larger number of more complex on-demand services associated with a larger volume and wider variety of content; copy protection; and open systems standards to enable integration with third-party products and technologies which are specific to international markets.

These enhancements are designed to satisfy the special technical, operational, marketing and business requirements of international broadband system operators in order to provide competitive, differentiating and revenue-generating on-demand services that demonstrably retain and increase subscribers and produce profit.

The enhancement for support of multiple-byte character set languages is essential in international markets because international broadband operators must present subscribers with a user interface in their native language. System resource and content usage reports, as well as system error diagnostic messages, will also be in the operator’s native language. By supporting multiple-byte character languages, the MediaHawk platform supports Asian, Middle East and some Eastern European languages.

The MediaHawk platform has also been enhanced to provide increased content storage and higher performance content loading. This functionality enables international operators to utilize their large volume and wide variety of content.

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