Chyron to unveil character generator, HD clip servers and layering mixer

Chyron's HyperX

Chyron will introduce an array of new products at IBC2004.

Its HD/SD character generator, HD clip servers and layering mixer will be featured at the show. The HyperX is a character generator platform that accepts HD and SD video cards, allowing real-time 2-D and 3-D playout of standard definition 4:3 or 16:9 graphics, or multiformat 4:3 or 16:9 high-definition graphics. The new Clyps HD is a real-time HD clip server with uncompressed HD video and key, in and out. The Clyps HD has up to 1.3TB of storage enabling up to 180 minutes of lower-third animations or 60 minutes of full-frame video. The C-Mix HD is a new layering mixer with simultaneous SD and HD outputs. C-Mix HD includes four SD video and key inputs and a background layer, an SD mixer and an HD upconverter.

Advanced Lyric is the latest version of Chyron's broadcast software. New Lyric features include improved 3-D rendering and effects and multichannel back-to-back clips. Lyricstore is the result of a collaboration between Chyron and Proximity to develop integrated connectivity between Proximity’s Xenostore product and Chyron’s Lyric software to search, transfer, convert and manage Lyric graphical assets, as well as integrate Lyric software into graphics operations with legacy equipment from Adobe, Avid, Chyron, Discreet, Grass Valley, Leitch, Omneon, Pinnacle, Quantel, Sundance, Thomson and others.

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