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Chyron offers two-channel video alert system

ChyAlert-2CH works with MATV systems in government and other public facility display networks.

Chyron has developed the new ChyAlert-2CH, a two-channel video emergency and security alert system.

ChyAlert-2CH is an industrialized version of the recently introduced ChyAlert single-channel system. It is intended for use with MATV systems in government buildings, hotels, hospitals, transportation centers, universities and any public facility where television signals are widely distributed to TVs and video displays.

An emergency message that includes graphic, textual and audio information and instructions may be added to the television programming being viewed or override the program with full-screen alert messages. ChyAlert-2CH has the ability to squeeze back the external video source and position the information around a video window, superimpose the graphics over full screen video or provide full screen video messages. In addition, ChyAlert-2CH can also provide non-alert messages such as schedules, general information, promotional items and entertainment. Alert messages can automatically be accessed via alarm systems or can be updated in real-time. Secure software applications allow preset messages to be displayed or controlled by authorities.

ChyAlert-2CH is a solid-state appliance that can be stand-alone or networked. It features a rugged 1RU chassis with built-in power supply and automated bypass mode. The Ethernet port allows control of individual units or groups of units via a local network, the Internet or secured private interface.

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