Chinese broadcaster awards major contract to Dayang

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Guangzhou Television’s editing and media asset management installation is part of the major contract awarded to Dayang.

Guangzhou Television, one of China's largest broadcasters, has awarded a major contract to Dayang that encompasses production, transcoding and playout.

The order includes:

  • Forty-six D3-Edit NLE workstations
  • Eight D3-MAM-UP media uploading workstations
  • Eight D3-MAM-EP media downloading workstations
  • Six D3-RenderCenter render servers
  • Six D3-TranscodeCenter transcode servers
  • Five D3-STMV storage/delivery servers
  • Five playout servers
  • Four upload servers
  • Four D3-MAM-CAT media catalog workstations
  • Four system inspection servers

Installed at the network's headquarters near the city center, the system is being deployed in multiple roles, including the conversion of normal broadcast television content into media data objects for archiving, manipulation and redistribution.

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