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Chicago arboretum provides collaborative digital signage editing

At the Morton Arboretum in Chicago, Visitor Services Coordinator Jean Leidinger manages the arboretum’s digital signage artwork, usually comprised of video footage of the Morton grounds. Meanwhile, staff at the arboretum’s ticket counter can provide visitors with up-to-the-minute changes on tram tour schedules by logging onto AlivePromo’s AliveEdit text template on the Internet. All sign content changes, when submitted, are instant.

AliveEdit is a fulfillment solution for digital signage that corporate, regional and local marketers to collaborate. End users at several administrative levels can change sign content instantly from anywhere with access to the Internet. A marketing manager at the corporate office, for example, can update video content for 500 locations while store managers change text from the point-of-purchase. Sign access can be password-restricted to certain locations or sign fields, with a login, a dedicated URL, and sign access parameters assigned to each user according to user content control privileges.

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