Champps sports bars feature Panasonic plasmas, DLP projectors

Panasonic 42in and 50in plasmas and projectors now dot the landscape of two Philadelphia-based Champps restaurants
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Champps sports bars have upgraded its television viewing screens to Panasonic’s 42in and 50in high-definition plasma and projector screens. The restaurant installed screens including the Panasonic’s PT-D5500U, a one-chip, mid-to-large venue DLP projector, to complement the bar's upscale atmosphere.

Patrons of Champps, one of the country’s fastest-growing chains of upscale restaurants/sports bars, are increasingly diverted from their tempting entrees and handcrafted cocktails by the sight of professional and college sports displayed on Panasonic’s high-contrast plasmas and DLP projectors.

Since August, parent company Champps Entertainment has invested in a substantial number of 42in and 50in professional high-definition plasmas and single-chip mid-to-large venue DLP projectors to provide its customers a level of video entertainment they are unlikely to find at home.

Two new restaurants, located in the Whitman Square and Penn’s Landing developments in Philadelphia, are exclusively equipped with Panasonic display technology, including five 50in HD plasmas, four 42in HD plasmas and two PT-D5500U DLP projectors (in rear-view configurations feeding 100in and 115in screens) in each facility.

Additional 50in and 42in HD plasmas and PT-D5500Us have been purchased to replace the outdated standard televisions in 10 existing Champps restaurants. The two Philadelphia-area restaurants are similarly configured, with the 50in plasmas installed throughout the approximately 8300sq ft restaurants. The 42in plasmas are situated in two separate side-dining areas, where small-to-medium sized parties can choose to bring in their own video material to display. The PT-D5500U projectors are installed in the larger dining area; up to six feeds can be displayed on the 115in screen (in combinations of one, three or six), while four feeds can be shown on the 100in screen (in combinations of one or four).

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