Central Telegraph provides IPTV service in Moscow

Central Telegraph is taking steps to satisfy the security demands of content owners when obtaining rights to early-release movies, popular series and other premium content, such as sports coverage. The company will provide its new IPTV service for Moscow and the surrounding area to 60,000 broadband Internet subscribers by October 2006.

The IPTV service will offer interactive TV services such as VOD, premium channels, information and interactive services, as well as traditional broadcast and multicast TV and radio channels. For copyright protection purposes, Central Telegraph is working with Russian systems integrator CTI to implement the Verimatrix Content Authority System (VCAS) to insure the security of its content from bootleggers. The company is looking to CTI to help prevent unauthorized access and forensically trace pirated content back to the perpetrators. With the increased security, Central Telegraph hopes to move release windows for VOD materials closer to the theatrical release date.

VCAS is a software-based system that is built on the principles of public key infrastructure and X.509 digital certificates to provide a stable solution to prevent unauthorized access to IPTV services.

For more information, please visit www.verimatrix.com/resources/VCAS_Product_Brochure.pdf.