BTV+ delivers digital signage networks by satellite

BTV+ has introduced its cutting-edge digital signage capability. Using secure digital satellite connectivity, plus its partnering and project management capabilities to improve cost-effectiveness, the company can now deliver rich content for large-scale digital signage deployments.

BTV+ already provides fully-secure digital images and interactive displays to more than 13,000 retail, grocery, banking, consumer service and automotive locations across North America. Now, the company will deliver marketing and promotion capabilities to a growing number of electronic signage network owners.

Secure, reliable and rapidly scalable communications for content ingest, image display, playlists and compliance reporting is fundamental to the success of digital or electronic signage deployments. By using business-to-business satellite, the administrative costs associated with location deployments and monitoring, network operations and troubleshooting are reduced substantially, while security and reliability is enhanced. The small-dish platform is a cost-effective for delivering secure, IP communications to non-wired locations throughout North America including the continental United States, Alaska, Hawaii, Canada and Mexico. It also provides a preferred option in situations where communications are burdened by unreliable terrestrial alternatives.

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