Belo to build next-generation production center in New Orleans

The facility will provide full digital and HDTV capabilities for WWL-TV and WURL-TV

Television station group owner Belo plans to build a new broadcast production center in New Orleans for WWL-TV.

The facility also will support the operations of WURL-TV, the UPN affiliate that Belo has announced plans to acquire, NewsWatch on channel 15 and the stations’ associated Web sites. The multimillion dollar facility will provide full digital production and HDTV broadcast capabilities.

The new 61,000sq ft, three-story broadcast center will be located in the New Orleans central business district about 1.5 miles from WWL-TV’s current location.

The facility will include a multi-use news production studio, a full-digital edit suite, integrated Web access for the latest news feeds, production stations for the interactive media team and administrative offices.

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