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Band Pro Film & Digital adds Carl Zeiss Telephoto DigiZoom 17-112mm T1.9

Band Pro Film & Digital announced the addition of the upcoming Carl Zeiss Telephoto DigiZoom 17-112mm T1.9. This is the second zoom lens in the company’s line of precision optics for electronic cinematography.

The Carl Zeiss Telephoto DigiZoom focuses to just 22in from the image plane and 11in from the front of the lens. It focuses tightly on objects as small as 66mm x 117mm, bringing them fully into frame in precise focus.

New optics share many of the same designs employed in the ZEISS DigiPrime series. Industry standard-pitch zoom, focus and iris gears, and brightly marked, oversized windowed cine scales are employed. Individually calibrated focus scales provide pinpoint accuracy. It also features a 95mm front diameter.

Like the other lenses in the family, the ZEISS 17-112mm has been engineered for optimum performance in low light situations with the aperture fully open. The design minimizes flare, veiling glare and internal reflections. It offers constant illumination and high resolution over the entire screen edge-to-edge, throughout the focal range.

For more information, visit www.digiprimes.con/2005/zoom/index.shtml

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