Automated Content Verification with Interra

Automated Content Verification

The fast pace of digital content today demands multiple formats for new distribution channels. Yet many facilities with file-based workflows still rely on manual quality control, which slows delivery and leads to errors and increased costs. The answer is to add automated content verification to your file-based workflow at the ingest, repurposing and distribution stages, taking advantage of faster than real-time checking and reliable reporting.

Grid-based Quality Control

Baton from Interra Systems is the first software-based automated content verification solution to use the Omneon MediaGrid Processing Framework. By writing to this framework, Baton harnesses the processing power of dozens of CPUs within the Omneon MediaGrid to verify content in place, with no need for additional client network bandwidth or digital island storage. The increase in performance over standalone QC appliances is significant, and maintenance of the overall system is streamlined.

Baton’s core is the Verification Manager engine, which runs on a Windows server and connects over Ethernet to the Omneon MediaGrid active storage system. To speed the process, verification tasks are executed in parallel on the many CPUs in the MediaGrid.

Software Solution

As a web-based software system, Baton can be hosted on multiple application servers. Easily accessed through a standard web browser, Baton can be used by multiple users within the facility or in remote locations.

Baton can handle large volumes of media files at one time and analyze them for user-specified quality checks. Verification tasks are executed in the background, allowing users to continue with other tasks such as analyzing reports or creating test plans.

Customizable test plans define the checks to be performed for the media content. Test plans can be easily modified to change along with your facility’s testing standards. Tasks can be assigned a priority and monitored. If required, detailed verification reports can be viewed, printed or saved for logistics.

System-Level Features
• Web-based application accessible by multiple users
• Intuitive user interface for easy error review
• Remote configuration and scheduling
• API interface enables studio workflow integration

Verification and Reporting
• Automatic test plan generation
• Easy-to-customize test plans
• Comply with media standards
• Extraction and verification of parameters and metadata
• Error reporting with severity, location, and time code
• Incremental reports of tasks in progress
• Thumbnails of erroneous pictures
• Summary information on total errors and warnings for each elementary stream
• Review content information without scheduling file for verification

Task Scheduling and Monitoring
• Prioritize verification tasks
• Monitor task status
• Integrate easily with content sources
• Watch-folder operation

Post-Verification Actions
• Email-based notification of task results
• Moving of quality files to play out
• Moving of unqualified files to quarantine

Supported Formats

Grid-Powered Interra Systems Baton QC

Interra Systems Baton QC processing files directly on the Omneon MediaGrid. The ContentServer processors within MediaGrid are used in parallel to process multiple verification tasks.