At science museum, signage software handles patron displays and planetarium

Barcelona’s Museo del la Ciencia relies heavily on display technologies.

Barcelona-based Bienvenido Gil is using Medialon solutions for both show control and digital signage at Barcelona’s Museo de la Ciencia, or Science Museum.

Medialon Manager supplies show control for the planetarium’s immersion experience “A Journey in Space and Time” by being slaved to a 3-D astronomical simulator that’s combined with an HD AV system. Medialon also interfaces with a Dataton Watchout system, which blends projected images for a seamless panorama of the night sky. The controller also manages live, interactive events staged for special groups in the Planetarium. In this application, the speaker may use the system to trigger a pre-programmed presentation, pausing and running the show as he or she interacts with the audience.

Lunatus of Barcelona installed the museum’s digital signage system. Medialon’s Display software suite schedules and plays networked multimedia content to 50 player stations whose screens supply information on temporary museum exhibitions and guide visitors around the science center.

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