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Associated Press to demonstrate ENPS 5.0 at IBC

The Associated Press will demonstrate the latest version of its news production system, ENPS 5.0, at IBC2005.

ENPS 5.0 has new features including:

  • Updated User Interface which now adheres to the graphical Windows XP design.
  • Editing Window Control Bar now includes bold, italics, spell check, font and print.
  • With MOS support users can search long-term archives, and have MOS-friendly names shown in MOS Autocreate and MOS Placeholder.
  • Media Control Options allow users to run ENPS and NLE controls simultaneously.
  • XML Agency Copy Ingest: Support has been added for xml-based standards such as NewsML, SportsML and NITF.

Additionally, ENPS has made enhancements to their Web Publishing and FAX receive modules, the latter of which now includes OCR capabilities for full-text searching of faxes sent to ENPS.

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