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Artesia’s DAM solution helps WGBH get organized

Artesia’s Distribution Asset Management offers the ability for producers and to make content available more cost-effectively. In the television arena, it allows for broadcast operations personnel to more specifically automate the schedule and delivery of finished digital programming materials.

This means no more making hundreds of duplicates before shipping to distribution departments or channel partners; no more endless loading of tape machines for automation and traffic management systems; and no more logistical challenges ensuring that your global channels are using only the latest materials and products.

At WBGH, in Boston, MA., the use of Artesia’s TEAMS system for production and brand asset management has allowed the station to develop a roadmap to employ Artesia TEAMS in the global deployment of programming.

WGBH’s vision is to interconnect TEAMS to existing automation and traffic management systems through open APIs. This will allow the TEAMS centralized repository to act as a large storage facility. Today, when a call is made from the automation system from a schedule produced months in advance, the request is sent to the traffic management personnel to retrieve the tape. With the integration of the system, the traffic manager will be able to make the request to the repository directly.

Not only will TEAMS find the file, but determine what format it currently is in, what broadcast and play rights existed, and if necessary convert to the proper format before delivering the request back to the traffic manager for distribution.

WGBH has created a production environment where you create one digital master and then allow both internal and external end users to access any asset in any format, anywhere in the world.

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