Artec Technologies makes logging easy

Artec Technologies, a provider of streaming media and IPTV software and hardware solutions for intranet and Internet communications, has launched its XBL Broadcast Logger, which enables broadcast stations to meet the legal demands of recording and filing their broadcasts.

XBL Broadcast Logger unifies compliance recording, archiving, monitoring, streaming and media service into one unit. Multiple numbers of TV, radio and AV channels can be recorded together with metadata such as EPG, as-run logs, closed captions and teletext. The recording duration of 30/60/90 or more days is determined only by the size of the hardware capacity.

The XBL Broadcast Logger system supports analog, digital and DVB-S inputs and is operated and administered via network-based Web clients — plug-ins are not necessary. Clips can be produced in WM9, MPEG-2, Real or 3G formats. XBL Broadcast Logger runs on the patented XentauriX service platform, a Microsoft TV/IPTV-compatible media service platform providing IPTV solutions for corporate TV, movie on demand, e-learning, personal video recorder or video search engines.

The XBL Broadcast Logger is available in two options: XBL Broadcast Logger Professional Edition and XBL Broadcast Logger Standard Edition. Both are suitable for all multimedia applications and can also be used as service platforms for producing VOD for Microsoft TV/IPTV platforms.

The XBL Broadcast Logger Professional Edition is designed for up to 200 TV channels with the standard storage capacity of the sub-units at 1.3TB per device. Each device can be upgraded to 6.4TB. The XBL Broadcast Logger Standard Edition comes standard with 320GB storage. Storage upgrades are available to 2.5TB.

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