Airship lifts digital signage to the skies

The content on the 30ft x 70ft screen of the Lightship Group’s A-170 Video Lightsign airship can be changed in real time.

Whether it is control of content in the next room, building or state, vendors of all sizes marketing to prospects of all sizes are bringing to the market products that enable the substitution of content from a remote central location for quick adaptation of content to meet rapidly changing market dynamics at a specific location or set of locations. Now, the quest for remote control is getting more vertical.

The Lightship Group recently unveiled its new A-170 Video Lightsign airship that can be used to narrowcast live video, Internet sites, stock tickers, slide shows or other media on its full-color 30ft x 70ft LED screen. It can also be used in integrated marketing and promotional campaigns utilizing GPS tracking, two-way communication with customers, text messaging and phone tie-ins. In addition, newly developed materials make the airship less vulnerable to UV damage and helium leaks, making what has previously been a cost-prohibitive investment into a cost-effective way to reach a mass audience or select demographic.

The content for this ship can be changed in real time. It also allows outdoor ad agencies to sell the same real estate to more than one advertiser — generating more money for the agency, while lowering the cost per ad for individual advertisers.

The Lightship Group has recently completed testing and FAA approval for the new ship and already, and the company said it is seeing significant interest from a number of high-profile brands.

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