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Advantech offers stand-alone and networked media players

Advantech’s DSA-2000 digital signage player is a stand-alone digital media playback device that plays video/audio, graphics and text from a USB flash drive to drive HD display devices. The DSA-2100 digital signage player is a network-ready digital media playback device with a 40GB onboard hard drive.

Both players support MPEG-2 and MPEG-4 as well as JPEG and BMP file types. Both come with a utility program for stand-alone support or integration into a larger system.

Advantech's fanless, RISC-based digital signage players offer reduced power consumption and a compact design for attaching to the monitor back. Based on the Linux operating system, the units are equipped with auto-start after power-on and a watchdog function that restarts the system automatically.

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