Adtec Digital deploys captive audience network in Odeon’s UK movie theaters

Adtec Digital’s edje-1013 digital video players are creating a captive audience network (CAN) solution for Odeon Cinemas in the United Kingdom. UK-based systems integrators Trimedia Broadcast and Sound Associates have designed and installed the first remotely operated projector systems in two Odeon Cinema foyers, bringing the broadcast technology to the film industry.

Adtec’s edje-1013 uploads MPEGs of new film trailers over IP, then plays the content straight to the screen. Each projector can be independently programmed to run specific trailers at specific times. The edje-1013 has a 20GB hard drive with CAT 5 input and comes equipped with a software interface to build scheduled playlists. The edje-1013 is designed for integration into global multimedia networks and facilitates dynamic MPEG and Bitmap audiovisual presentations without the use of a personal computer.

Individual cinemas have the option of editorial access to their foyer screens, allowing them to tailor content to their own operations. The system also is capable of providing public information, promotional offers and local advertising within the system. The cinema fire alarms can also be linked, switching screens and audio to support evacuation procedures before automatically powering down.

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