Adspace expands network to malls in seven major cities

Adspace Networks has expanded its Adspace Mall Network by more than half. The company’s network now includes the Atlanta, Houston, Dallas, Seattle, St. Louis, Cleveland and Tampa markets.

The Adspace Mall Network is a national network of digital displays the company dubs “Smart Screens” located throughout select upscale shopping malls across the United States. Prior to this expansion, Adspace Mall Network included the New York, Los Angeles, Chicago San Francisco and Washington, DC. The Network’s DMA coverage now represents 30 percent of the US population and consists of 460 screens in 41 malls in 12 of the top DMAs reaching over 47 million people per month.

The network’s “Today’s Top Ten” programming model shows the 10 best deals in the mall each week. Over 100 participating retailers now submit their best deal of the week including original prices and total savings. Adspace then determines the 10 best deals and produces and runs 12-second spots for free. There are typically 10 featured specials integrated into a six-minute loop of advertising content each week.

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