ABC Sports relies on EVS for Super Bowl coverage

ABC Sports used 28 high-definition EVS XT servers for its coverage of Super Bowl XL. The network also relied upon EVS' new suite of IP Director video production management software and networked LSM-XT production and playout servers capturing the game.

The IP Director workstations, along with 22 LSM operators, enabled various members of the production staff, including an Avid editor, Final Cut Pro editors, and the pre-game and halftime producers, to browse content captured to the primary XNet network.

Numerous aspects of the production workflow were enhanced including extensive time code searches across all servers in the compound, live playback of material in the record buffers of distant machines and complete archive-offline storage of the game to two XFile removable media solutions.

The truck used to produce the game featured five LSM-XT servers and a SpotBox XT server controlled directly from the production switcher via RS422 protocol. ABC's tape release truck used an additional SpotBox XT to manage all replay switching to the main game truck. Five other locations across the compound housed networked XT servers.

(Click here to see a block diagram of the EVS setup ABC sports used for Super Bowl XL.)

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