Orad Provides France NRJ HITS with Ultra HD Channel Branding

PARIS—France NRJ HITS implemented Orad’s broadcast graphics solutions to manage the channel branding and image conversion for its ultra HD broadcast program. NRJ HITS broadcasted for the first time on July 1, 2014 in ultra HD on the Paris DTT network. The test broadcast, which represented the full workflow from MCR to playout, demonstrated that ultra HD is the future of television.

Orad, along with several other manufactures, Pole Experts and TDF worked with NRJ HITS to test the ultra HD broadcast workflow—upscaling, video coding, HEVC, etc.—to ensure the interoperability among the various solutions while increasing the efficiency of the entire broadcast process.

The Orad 3DPlay provided channel branding. 3DPlay also controlled the Orad HDVG4 rendering platform, converting live images from NRJ HITS’ main program into ultra HD.