Neoti Unveils New Line of dvLEDs Packed with Innovative Imaging Features that Look Outstanding on Camera

Neoti NAB Header Image
(Image credit: Future)

There’s a big difference between what the human eye sees versus what the brain can perceive. Neoti’s new line of dvLED displays has been designed, engineered and customized to shorten that gap, delivering rich, vibrant, realistic images that look great not only in person but when shot on camera. A manufacturer focused on the broadcast market, Neoti has taken huge technological strides to be a premier provider of on-set LED displays. At NAB 2023, Neoti CEO Derek Myers describes how the company continues to evolve its line to stay ahead of the technological curve and provide the burgeoning virtual production industry with highly immersive, realistic imaging solutions. “Bottom line, our goal is to ensure that the content presented on our LED displays, including our flagship Ultra High Definition UHD89 Series, is delivered precisely how the creator intended,” Myers explains. “Content is king and delivery is queen.” High refresh and low scan rates are key contributors to the pristine images delivered by Neoti’s new dvLED line, but as senior technician Joe Kipfer points out, innovative design features play a critical role in overall performance. “Large LED modules comprising the UHD89 display result in fewer seams and therefore, an exceptionally flat surface. We’ve also made the modules fast and easy to change. This is particularly important for live broadcasts where technicians only have a couple of minutes to swap out a module during a commercial break.” By embodying a unique combination of cutting-edge performance and design, Neoti’s dvLED displays are helping the broadcast industry prepare for the delivery of next-generation VR, AR and XR content.

During an exclusive interview with Neoti CEO Derek Myers and senior technician Joe Kipfer, we uncover the magic behind the glass of the company’s broadcast-focused dvLED displays. Watch the video below to learn how Neoti is pushing the technological boundaries of content delivery for the broadcast industry.

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