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Wooden Camera Shipping New Ultra QR Articulating Monitor Mount

Wooden Camera
(Image credit: Wooden Camera)

 DALLAS—Wooden Camera is now shipping its Ultra QR Articulating Monitor Mount, a quick-release solution designed to support up to 45 pounds and easily integrate with select SmallHD production monitors.

Compatible with most production monitors, the Ultra QR accessory mounts via the 75mm or 100mm VESA Hole Standard or an ARCA Swiss Rail and attaches to any 5/8-inch male baby pin system.

The ARCA Swiss dovetail clamp quick-release offers a perfect fit for SmallHD Monitors with the ARCA Swiss rail including the OLED 22, CINE 24, VISION 17, VISION 24 and CINE 13 monitors.

The friction-ball system allows a wide range of articulation and quick adjustments, without having to completely loosen the ratchet handle. Users can tighten the handle once they find a preferred position and the mount provides a reliable hold.

 One 3/8-inch-20 and two 1/4-inch-20 mounting points are located on the top of the mount for adding articulating arms, video receivers, or other accessories.

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