TVT Power Rankings: 5 Production Tool Apps

It’s probably fair to say that when Alexander Graham Bell invented the telephone he didn’t envision it one day being its own mini production studio. However, thanks to apps and other mobile applications made by various companies, smartphones and tablets are becoming an essential tool for broadcasters to have. Here are five apps that are able to lend broadcasters and engineers a hand with TV production.

5. Academy Color Predictor

The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences may be best known as the organization behind the Oscars, but a little more than a year ago it came out with the Academy Color Predictor app for the iPad. The app is able to predict the interaction lights, cameras, filters and the photograph subject to visualize color rendering differences and compare different combination of elements. The Academy Color Predictor is available for free on the iOS App Store.


4. Clear-Com Agent-IC

Clear-Com recently began to ship the Agent-IC mobile app. Available on both the iPhone and iPad, the app accesses the Eclipse-HX Matrix intercom systems remotely to connect studio staff and OB teams working live events or at remote locations. Features include point-to-point calling, point-to-multi-point calling, local cross point audio level control and notification functions. The Agent-IC works with iOS 8.0 or later.

3. Broadcast Pix iPixPanel

The iPixPanel app from Broadcast Pix allows users to control an entire Broadcast Pix system for live video. Designed specifically for the iPad, iPixPanel has the ability to switch cameras and add key layers, while its device control bank can control the system’s clip server, CG and other functions. It features a three-axis virtual joystick, rotary knobs, and PixButtons that change to show the device and file name on the button.

2. L-S-B The Wall

L-S-B recently acquired development resources from NEP labs, among which includes The Wall, an iPad app that helps configure monitor walls in mobile production units. The Wall allows engineers, technicians and members of a production team to set up monitors with ease and change them on the fly with a drag-and-drop selection function. Users can also save specific screen configurations as favorites to be able to recall them at any point. The Wall is multiviewer-agnostic and provides connectivity with all major manufacturer’s systems.

Dejero Live+ V3.1

1. Dejero Live+

Dejero’s latest version of the Live+ mobile app is currently available for users via the Apple app store, transforming their smart device into a newsgathering or live event tool. With the ability to transmit low-latency video over bonded cellular and Wi-Fi connections, Live+ can broadcast live video, record content for later broadcasts, or import and upload edited video files. New features include the ability to connect to satellite Internet transmission systems via Wi-Fi for connectivity from remote locations, and the ability to assign live feeds and uploaded files to different server destinations. In addition, V3.1 supports HD video up to 1080p on the iPhone 6 and has an increased bitrate transmission of up to 9 Mbps.