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TeleSoft delivers remote operation of PTZ cameras

Telemetrics has released its TeleSoft camera control automation software designed to make it easier to remotely operate Canon BU, NU, XU Series, Sony BRC Series, Panasonic AW-HE, Q-Ball and Pelco D all-in-one PTZ cameras.

The new software also allows remote operation of Telemetrics PT heads and select broadcast cameras. TeleSoft is simple to operate yet powerful enough to deliver the control capabilities a broadcaster requires.

With TeleSoft, operators have full control of multiple cameras using a virtual joystick and can store multiple presets via touch screen or a mouse. The Windows-based software can also be used with an optional DirectX gaming joystick, complete with assignable buttons and joystick axis for P/T/Z/F, presets and camera selects.

For hardware based control, Telemetrics also offers the RCP-TS Controller, which features an intuitive GUI with a joystick for camera pan, tilt, zoom, focus, iris and master pedestal control. A special assignable knob is also included to control the GUI and CCU functions which emulate the camera manufacturer’s setup panel.