Telemetrics Robotic Camera Tech Records PBS Special

ALLENDALE, N.J.—When the Twin Cities PBS Station headed down to Miami’s New World Center to record a presentation from financial consultant Suze Orman, part of its setup relied on a number of robotic camera control technology from Telemetrics to capture what was happening on stage.

The Minnesota station utilized six PT-LP-S5 pan/tilt heads that it had mounted throughout the New World Center, as well as two Telemetrics Televator elevating pedestals with S5 pan/tilt heads on stage. Three live cameras were placed in the audience, there was a steadicam operator at the front of the stage and two robotic operators in the control room directly controlling nine cameras with two RCCP control panels and oversaw all 14 in use by the station. There was an additional RCCP control panel to assist as needed.

The setup of the PT-LP-S5, Televator and RCCP units help ensure precise, consistent camera movement, as well as saving space, setup time and production costs.

The footage capture of the presentation, “Suze Orman’s Ultimate Retirement Guide,” was as part of a special fundraising drive that will be used at numerous PBS stations across the country.