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Studio Technologies 5110, 5120 modules selected for Turner Sports Internet coverage

Studio Technologies’ 5110 mic/line input module and 5120 line/IFB output module have been chosen to be part of the fly pack kit used to produce Turner Sports Internet coverage of the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) season championships.

Production services for the Web-based streaming broadcasts of each event are being provided by Indianapolis-based WebStream Productions.

The production schedule covers 87 championship games across all NCAA-sanctioned sports played at more than 1200 Division I, II and III schools. A compact custom rack enclosure houses the 5110 and 5120 modules along with audio-over-fiber transport gear. Located at the announcers’ location, this allows direct connection of each announcer’s on-air headset.

The setup to cover these types of events is straightforward, with the portable fly pack systems set up on two 6ft tables located within the venue. The tables become the main production hub for the audio mixers, video switchers and support gear.

The 5110 modules accept the microphone feeds from the announcers’ headsets, sending the digitized signal down the fiber. These signals are converted back to analog, run through an audio mixer and out to the Internet. Return audio is transported via fiber back to the 5120 modules at the announcers’ location.