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Siano launches integrated receiver chip for Chinese mobile TV

Siano Mobile Silicon's new mobile TV receiver chip, the SMS118X series, will hit the Chinese market in handhelds in time for the Olympics Games. The chip doesn't require external active components like memory for its CMMB support.

The SMS1185 supports both terrestrial UHF and satellite S-band signals, allowing a single chip to be connected to two UHF antennas and two S-band antennas, for maximum performance. The more affordable SMS1180 supports only one antenna per each spectrum band. According to press release issued by the company, both solutions exhibit high sensitivity, excellent mobility performance, low power consumption and a high level of component integration.

Designed to receive and display multiple TV channels in parallel, the SMS118X includes two complete, distinct UHF and S-band paths, a baseband processor and common consumer-market interfaces — USB, SDIO, SPI, memory-mapped, Transport Stream and I2C.

Available now in sample quantities, SMS1185 volume production is slated to start in August. The chip comes bundled with software drivers for Windows XP/Vista, Linux, Nucleus and Windows Mobile.

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