Sennheiser introduces HMD 26

Sennheiser has introduced the HMD 26 broadcast headset. With a frequency response of 20Hz to 18,000Hz, the headset is designed to ensure detailed, lifelike sound reproduction. At the same time, the sound pressure level of up to 105dB offers sufficient reserves for even the noisiest of environments. The closed design effectively attenuates external noise by up to 25dB.

The microphone boom can be easily adjusted to suit the user’s needs. The gooseneck can be set at any position and can be turned through 300 degrees, allowing the microphone to be worn on the right or left. If the microphone boom is raised to a vertical position, the microphone is automatically switched off, ensuring that it transmits only what listeners or viewers are meant to hear.

The HMD 26 is designed to be comfortable to wear after long periods of use. It weighs just 7.1oz and features soft padding on the headband and ear cups, the HMD 26 headset remains comfortable after long periods of use. Swiveling ear cups allow single-sided listening; when necessary, one of the ear cups can simply be folded backwards away from the ear.

For those who prefer even more peace and quiet while working, the HMDC 26 is available. This version is additionally equipped with Sennheiser’s NoiseGard function for active noise reduction. At the push of a button, it reduces background noise by a further 18dB.