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Sennheiser Introduces A5000 CP Antenna System

At NAB, Sennheiser is introducing the A5000 CP passive antenna, which provides the optimum solution for transmitting and receiving RF signals via UHF.

The wideband design (450-960MHz) of the A5000 CP allows it to accommodate antenna distribution systems for either wireless monitors or wireless microphones across multiple frequency ranges, offering maximum flexibility when designing complicated RF systems. The A5000 CP's unique lobe-less polar pattern, coupled with its wideband functionality, makes it an ideal front-end for wireless systems utilizing multiple parts of the UHF spectrum.

Due to its unique three-dimensional radiation pattern, the antenna can be mounted above the talent or venue, as well as oriented with the antenna element facing down. With the main lobe (maximum gain) of the antenna pointing downwards, the energy is focused toward the desired source resulting in greatly reduced sensitivity for potentially interfering signals. The unit can be stand- or wall-mounted.

Sennheiser Electronic Corp. is the U.S. wholly owned subsidiary, with headquarters in Old Lyme, Conn.

Sennheiser is in Booth N1822.