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Sennheiser announces new RF consultation services

Sennheiser Electronic has announced several new RF consultation and support services intended for Sennheiser's users and dealers.

The array of premium services include transmitter customization, a free help desk, spectrum sweep consultations and Sennheiser's 700MHz rebate.

For immediate technical support, customers can obtain free RF wireless advice by contacting Sennheiser's Help Desk. The service includes a free wireless system evaluation as well as information on any other wireless-related inquiries.

Each Sennheiser RF component and system includes a two-year warranty. In addition to this warranty, Sennheiser now offers a Performance Guarantee for new purchases. Sennheiser will retune or replace any system operating below 698MHz, which will be illegal to operate by an eligible licensee according to any changes to FCC rules that become effective within the warranty period.