R&S ETH portable TV analyzer fits in one hand

The new Rohde & Schwarz ETH portable TV analyzer targets the installation and servicing of low-power transmitters, putting the functionality of a TV analyzer, spectrum analyzer and network analyzer in a single compact box. The ETH's high-contrast color display and ability to run up to 4.5 hours on battery power make it ideal for outdoor use.

The ETH is designed for service technicians in the field for regular functional checks of gap-filler transmitters, measuring transmitter coverage in DVB-T/-H networks and coverage field measurements. Supporting DVB-T and DVB-H standards, the ETH portable TV analyzer will be available in December, in four models with a frequency range of 100kHz to 3.6GHz or up to 8GHz, either with or without a tracking generator.

Because the R&S ETH TV analyzer provides a MER value greater than 40dB, signal quality measurements can be taken directly on the transmitter. It features a built-in preselector and preamplifier, allowing weak signals to be detected by an antenna. Identical signal paths for demodulation and signal analysis are used to ensure consistent results.

An FPGA-based demodulator allows changes to be easily integrated through software, making the unit upgradeable.

For more information, visit www2.rohde-schwarz.com/en/products/test_and_measurement/product_categories/video_tv/digital_demodulation_analysis/ETH.html.