Rohde & Schwarz Fills the DTV Gap

DTV transmissions, particularly at UHF frequencies, often leave pockets or gaps in a station's coverage area where reception is difficult. German manufacturer Rohde & Schwarz recently announced a "gap-filler" low-power transmitter that can be used on the same frequency as the main transmitter to put a signal into one of these gaps. The company's XV7002 can also be used to extend a signal into new neighborhoods for regional expansion of an existing broadcast service.

The Rohde & Schwarz XV7002 gap-filler transmitter rebroadcasts off-air signals directly from the master transmitter, and does not require complex filtering or a new channel assignment. The unit can also be used to transpose VHF or UHF channels to other UHF channel assignments. The XV7002 uses double IF conversion that permits quick frequency changes without the need for filter tuning.