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PlayBox expands HD workflow at IBC2008

At IBC2008, PlayBox Technology is adding to its established product range. PlayBox now offers complete HD automation and playout, with graphics as well as easy SD-to-HD upgrade paths. Further developments include key technology that extends PlayBox playout into the news environment.

HDMixer is a new version of the AirBox playout server that supports multiple compression types within a playlist, including MPEG-2, H.264 and WMV and can upconvert multiple resolutions — SD, HD, mobile or other sizes to HD. Users can also select the output aspect ratio conversion on a per-clip or per-playlist basis.

The company also will show HDStreamer, HDLogo and HD-ready HD2B, an SD AirBox playout server. TitleBox, PlayBox’s CG server, is now available in HD as well as SD and is expanding to provide dynamic data visualization as well as presenting graphics from traditional sources.

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