Panasonic Unveils AK-UC4000 Studio Camera

NEWARK, N.J.—There’s a new addition to Panasonic’s system camera line with the introduction of the AK-UC4000 studio camera. The AK-UC4000 is part of the same family of products as the AK-UC3000 4K HDR capable camera and the AK-HC5000 1080p 4x high-speed HDR system. The new 4K HDR capable camera includes many of the same features from the other models while also offering a future-proof infrastructure.


The UC4000 utilizes Large Single Sensor Internal Expansion Lens optics with Panasonic’s new super 35mm imager, capturing 4.4K native resolution that offers an improvement in UHD resolution, dynamic range and S/N ratio over the UC3000. The UC4000 maintains the same broadcast lens compatibility and operation, and keeps the same camera form factor as the other cameras. In addition, the UC4000 will be compatible with the same accessories as the UC3000 and HC5000 cameras, including the AK-HVF100 studio viewfinder; the AK-HRP1000, AK-HRP1005 and AK-MSU1000 camera controllers; the AK-HBU500 studio build-up kit; SHAN-HC5000 shipping case and all cabling.

In addition, Panasonic has announced that it will also offer the new AK-UCU600 camera control unit, which provides power up to 6,600 feet over hybrid fiber and comes with the same features as the AK-UCU500. These features include simultaneous multiple format output with simultaneous 4K, 1080p and HD outputs possible; simultaneous HDR and SDR output with HDR/SDR offset adjustment for SDR shading of HDR content; multiple data and video trunk lines and IP control; and a compact 2U design. Additional features for the UCU600 will include selectable 12G-SDI/quad SDI for 4K outputs; accommodation for future SMPTE 2110 MoIP connectivity option board; TICO compression capable output for 4K transport over 3G HD-SDI; and future 2x, 3x or 4x output capability for slow motion shooting when the UC4000 is in HD or 1080p mode.

Panasonic plans to release both the AK-UC4000 and the AK-UCU600 in March 2018. The AK-UC4000 will be listed at $40,000, while the AK-UCU600 will be listed at $20,000.