'On the Money' selects Media 3 in a jam

Traffic in New York City is usually bad; sometimes, it’s awful. On Wednesday, Nov. 8, veteran business journalist and CNBC anchor, Dylan Ratigan, found himself on the awful end of the city’s gridlock.

At the last minute, unable to make it to the studio in time for the daily broadcast, producers rerouted Ratigan to host his show “On The Money” in the midtown Manhattan studio operated by Media 3.

Media 3, with extensive fiber and satellite connectivity, is equipped for such emergencies, accommodating on-air guests at a moment’s notice. Within an hour of CNBC’s request, the studio was set, lit and Ratigan was on the air.

CNBC was able to simultaneously feed to Media 3 a live background to the plasma screen on the set, a return signal for monitoring live multiple remotes and a prompter signal for the host. At the same time, Media 3 was feeding the output of three studios back to CNBC, including Ratigan and two additional guests for the show.

More than 50 domestic and international news organizations regularly use the services of Media 3.

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