NVerzion Automation Takes KSMQ-TV from SD to HD

SALT LAKE CITY – KSMQ-TV, the PBS station in Austin, Minn., has recently acquired a NVerzion Component Level Automation System Solutions to help its transition from SD to HD. With CLASS, KSMQ is able to speed up its operations and improve on-air presentation.

KSMQ’s CLASS system includes a variety of hardware and software applications, including NControl on-air playlists; NGest professional dubbing and recording software; NPoint video preparation software; NGenius intelligent storage browser, which is able to manage data via an on-site 40TB Microsoft Windows NAS system; and more.

CLASS also allows KSMQ to control third-party equipment and interfaces with KSMQ’s existing nearline storage system as a Windows shared environment. It also eliminates any single point of failure within the station’s file-based workflow for the integrity of on-air presentation. The station is now able to perform upgrades as the need arises and support additional channels and subchannels.

NVerzion is a digital broadcast automation tool provider based in Salt Lake City.