New Products

Tempest 2400

2.4GHz digital wireless intercom system; base station features four audio channels, up to five full-duplex beltpacks per station and up to 50 on 10 stacked stations, remote antenna capability, frequency hopping, spread spectrum technology and 2.4GHz frequency band operation; two- and four-wire intercom interface on each channel and auxiliary I/O; beltpack features backlit LCD, vibrate call function, local programmable controls, GPO addressing, and ability to select, monitor, mix and talk simultaneously on two of the four audio intercom channels using the A/B and C/D channel selectors.
+44 1223 815000

Brick House Video
Callisto Micro

SD switcher can handle fully asynchronous (unlocked) inputs in a mixed-signal format (SDI and analog) environment; program and preview outputs are available as both SDI and analog composite with 10-bit processing throughout; features four SDI auxiliary switched outputs, triple-channel frame store synchronizers and a Web server option with external browser control; offers 4:3 or 16:9 blanking; operates in stand-alone mode or can be genlocked to an external reference; installed functions include auto wipe, auto dissolve and auto fade to black.
+44 1962 777733

ARG ElectroDesign
Media Combiner 1900E

Multiprogram transport stream/data network adapter provides transparent DVB-ASI signal distribution over fast Ethernet or GigE IP networks; features E1 access card for DAB distribution; enables up to eight DVB-T program bundles to be combined into a single interface for transport over any STM-1, OC-3, DS3, E3 or IP circuit; includes dual-redundant power supplies; can rate-limit incoming signals and apply two levels of Reed-Solomon error correction.
+44 1285 658501;

Custom Consoles
Media Wall

Flat-screen monitor mount accommodates large or small arrays of LED, LCD and plasma-panel monitors and ancillary equipment; incorporates height-adjustable horizontal beams suspended between 2m silver-anodized aluminum columns; beams are available in 1500mm, 2000mm and 2500mm widths and allow easy attachment of large and small panels using pivoting VESA and plasma-mount fittings; horizontal cable trunking is provided at the rear of each beam and vertical trunking within the columns; equipment pods with 19in racking behind removable vented panels can be accommodated at floor level.
+44 1525

Compix Media

Character generator simultaneously outputs graphics in either SD-SDI or HD-SDI; brands multiple video streams with different overlay material from a single chassis and one interface; features dedicated logo insertion, EAS message generation and automated template-based sports score generation.
+1 949 585 0055;


3G fiber link is designed for transmission of SDI and HD-SDI TV signals on single-mode fiber-optic cable; ideal for a wide variety of applications, including video production and editing, ENG with additional uses for sports teleproduction, field production and remote camera links; designed for simple, single-hop, 3G HD-SDI fiber-optic runs with a clean signal at the start; longer fiber-optic runs and multiple hops will start to accumulate jitter.
+1 516 671 7278;

Calrec Audio

Audio console based on Apollo platform, Bluefin2 for processing and Hydra2 for routing; running at 48kHz operation, features up to 640 channel-processing paths, 128 program busses, 64 IFB/track outputs and 32 auxiliaries; includes a second compressor/limiter in each channel, more than 70 minutes of assignable delay, three independent APFL systems and automatic hot-swap redundancy for all DSPs, control processors, routers, power supplies and connections; control surface combines OLED displays, touch screens and light-emitting knobs.
+44 1422 842159


Switcher offers 16 SD/HD-SDI standard inputs with a built-in, dual-screen multiviewer, multiple keyers, four aux busses, two picture-in-pictures, shot memory and 3D effects for both background and key inputs; allows users to see four, six or 10 images on each of two high-resolution displays; comes with 16 built-in frame synchronizers, four built-in upconverters, four SD/HD-SDI outputs and two scalable DVI outputs.
+49 611 235 0

Strategy & Technology

Broadcast interactive application/subtitle monitor implements a number of virtual receivers running on a single server, with each executing a predefined, scripted functional test case; provides traffic light status display on Web browser-based user interface; logs the behavior of all elements for compliance; support MHEG-5 middleware for interactive applications and EBU Teletext and DVB subtitles with closed-captioning.
+44 20 7183 1500

HaiVision Network VideoVideo Furnace System 5

H.264 video-over-IP distribution system incorporates MAKITO HD H.264 encoder for encoding and distributing live video to computers and set-top boxes, for creating scheduled playback channels for enterprise television and signage, and for recording content and delivering VOD.
+1 514 334 5445;

Dionic HC

Li-Ion battery delivers up to 10A for high-current draw applications, including on-camera lighting; can operate a 40W HD camcorder for more than two hours; features MAXX 1.5 warranty and real-time LCD; compatible with current Anton/Bauer InterActive charger series; meets regulatory requirements including CE.
+31 45 5639220


2.4GHz RF network distributes remote-control signals, time code, IFB audio and metadata for production sound; wirelessly links Deva/Fusion, digital recording wireless, encrypted IFB receivers and compatible digital slates into a single system; signal is generated by Deva/Fusion and broadcast via IFB100 on a 2.4GHz signal; available for all current Zaxcom hardware via free software update.
+1 973 835 5000


AMP2-E16-3G audio monitor decodes Dolby E and is Dolby Digital Plus ready; both audio monitors provide simultaneous display for up to 16 channels of embedded audio within a single multirate 3G signal; equipped with five card slots; users can pick and mix their inputs and adapt the units as their needs evolve; feature high-fidelity class-D amplifiers; include demuxed outputs of eight AES pairs on BNC connectors and a reclocked loop output of the 3G signal.
+1 510 870 0810;

Grass Valley

Master control switcher for channel branding and video effects processing; now capable of adding file-based stills, animations and text video keys — up to 32 elements at a time — upstream or downstream, along with a two-channel DVE to be able to create a wide variety of options for channel branding; all of this is done without the need to add a separate graphics process chassis.
+33 1 34 90 31 00;

MMK 965-1

Mic capsule attaches to 2000 Series and evolution G3 wireless series SKM transmitters; offers natural and detailed audio reproduction of a large-diaphragm studio condenser; features dual-diaphragm technology, allowing it to switch between cardioids and super cardioids pickup patterns with the flip of a switch; reduces spillover from instruments.
+49 5130 600 0;

ON-AIR Systems
Simply Series Version 5

Channel-in-a-box solution features enhanced remote viewing of playlists, graphic template improvements, the ability to configure ports to output different versions of the same output from a single playlist, enhanced media management capabilities and enhanced redundancy features; can play out recordings before the recording is completed with a user-defined delay.
+44 845 0942612;

Sound Devices

Digital recorder includes 256GB solid-state hard drive; records more than 60 hours of uncompressed, 24-bit, eight-track audio to a solid-state medium; equipped with eight full-featured microphone inputs and 12 tracks of recording; features stainless-steel and aluminum chassis providing shock immunity; accommodates individual controls and connectors for each of its eight inputs, as well as numerous additional I/O and data connections.
+1 608 524 0625

Vector 3
Vector MultiPlay

Automated playout system product line features MultiPlay MCR for master control room automation and Multiplay VServers, a wide range of next-generation video servers with live branding; can be integrated to create a redundant architecture that leverages the benefits and cost-effectiveness of IT-based technology.
+34 93 415 12 85

OCTOPUS Final Cut plug-in

FCP plug-in is part of the OCTOPUS6 newsroom computer system, the first of a set of plug-ins for different standalone NLEs; allows the newsroom to fully integrate Apple Final Cut into the OCTOPUS workflow; by using the placeholder concept, the whole process from creating the story to on-air playout is simple; all video clips available in OCTOPUS are viewable and searchable within the OCTOPUS6 FCP plug-in; clip metadata is sent via standard MOS protocol.
+420 221 181 511

vFlex HD

Graphics data processing unit provides a compact, single-unit solution for multichannel configurations and highly complex multievent cuing and opting; encodes, decodes, re-encodes and regenerates VBI content, including widescreen signaling, VPS, cuing, Teletext, subtitling, video index and PDC signals; supports OP47 and SMPTE 2031 encoding and decoding for HD-SDI; enables encoding of animated or stationary logos and CG clocks under manual or automated control; features dual power supplies, network interface cards, time code reading, Web-based management and network, serial and GPI interfaces.
+44 118 984 2151

HD-SDI Master Quad/I PCIe

HD-SDI input card simultaneously receives up to four independent real-time HD-SDI streams and stores them in a PC workstation or video server; designed for HD video encoding, post-production processing, ENG and storing HD video for editing applications; features total bit rate of 6Gb/s, onboard DDR memory, automatic cable equalization, embedded audio extraction for up to eight channels and driver and API support for Windows, Linux and the DirectShow filter.
+1 858 613 1818

Ross Video

Version 9.0 of the automated production control system features the new GlobalView GUI; GlobalView leverages the additional work area offered by widescreen touch displays and features modules that can be resized or repositioned to suit operational or production requirements; user-configurable rundown columns can be positioned to highlight discrete device channel status or additional information such as newsroom system timers and shot information; GlobalView comes standard with two different color schemes that can be modified by the user; offers one-touch creation to playout MOS workflows with eight major graphics systems.
+1 613 652 4886;

Bridge Technologies
IP-Probe v4.0

VideoBRIDGE IP-Probe update contains system enhancements and new features, including the ability to compare services between different interfaces in the chassis (ASI, RF and Ethernet), full support of RFC 3357 and searchable tables in the Web GUI; available as a free download to existing customers and preinstalled on all new systems.
+47 22 38 51 00

Digital Rapids

Digital media distribution system enables content ranging from ad spots and syndicated shows to long-form programming and digital cinema features to be transferred between content providers, contributors and distribution partners efficiently, automatically and at substantial cost savings over traditional physical tape-and-truck delivery; the MediaMesh RX receiving/repackaging appliance provides robust functionality at the receiving end of the digital distribution chain with integrated inventory management, visual QC, conforming, repackaging and playout through an intuitive graphical interface.
+44 1428 751012

Graphical Loudness display

Audio display for the PTO760M HD/SD waveform monitor; allows engineers to simultaneously see waveform and audio information on the same screen; enables users to measure loudness against time and instantly see the effect of any changes they might make to loudness values; allows users to view up to three minutes of rolling audio; can de-embed up to 16 audio channels from up to four HD/SD video inputs and provide Dolby Digital/Dolby E decoding.
+45 44 85 02 55;

Blackmagic Design
Mini Converter Optical Fiber

Bidirectional converter lowers the cost of using optical fiber SDI cabling by simultaneously converting from SDI to optical fiber and optical fiber to SDI in the once compact, low-cost design; instantly switches between all SD, HD and 3Gb/s SDI video formats; allows cable lengths up to 45km in length.
+44 1565 830049

Marshall Electronics

6.5in portable field monitor offers 3Gb/s SDI, HD-SDI (1.5Gb/s single and dual link), SD-SDI, HDMI and component inputs; designed for outdoor applications with ambient light; provides improved visibility by producing high-contrast images and a wider viewing; maintains extended temperature ratings and low-power consumption for outdoor operation.
+1 310 333 0606;

Sonnet Technologies
Fusion D400QR5 and R400QR5

D400QR5 desktop and R400QR5 rackmount SATA storage systems are available in 2TB, 3TB, 4TB and 6TB configurations; four-drive 400QR5 systems offer data transfers up to 224MB/sec and 177MB/sec write when connected via eSATA and with their drives configured as a RAID 5 set; feature an integrated RAID controller that supports RAID 5 internally, delivering data protection in the event of a drive failure and eliminating the need for a specialized RAID controller card.
+1 949 587 3500;

Broadcast Trafffic Systems
BTS Express

Downloadable broadcast traffic management system is based on the BTS Enterprise application; provides traffic and ad sales management for single-channel or multichannel presentation suites and playout centers; an easily expandable modular package.
+44 1656 648 181;

Rohde & Schwarz
R&S SMA 100A

Signal generator/analyzer configures and analyzes complex pulse trains; SMA-K27 option allows users to quickly configure different pulse trains for tests in radar-specific development, production and maintenance without an external pulse generator; SMA-K28 option enables users to perform a power analysis of signals directly by using the SMA 100A and a power sensor from the R&S NRP-Z, measuring different parameters such as pulse rise and fall times as well as pulse width and dynamic range.
+49 89 41 29 0

Carbon Coder

Universal transcoding solution facilitates the creation of multiformat video for Internet, mobile and broadcast applications; as part of the transcode process, handles an array of critical operations including SD/HD and PAL/NTSC conversion, logo insertion, graphics overlay, voice-over, video and audio transitions, color space conversion, color correction, closed-captioning extraction, Teletext and subtitling handling; multiple nodes can be configured as a rendering farm to accelerate the workflow and provide automated processing for high-volume transcoding.
+49 8102 99578 1;


Media asset management/archive system is used to integrate third-party applications into cinegy workflow; allows any software that supports AVI file format to directly access media stored on cinegy media archive without conversion; creates AVI files simulations and rendering frames as it reads them; regardless of their original format, these simulated AVI files appear as normal AVI files to the integrated application, even when the original media involves multiple codec formats such as H.264, MPEG2 and MXF. As the simulated AVI files are created on the fly, no storage is required and no conversion time is lost.
+49 89 23885360


Content management system gives service providers visibility of the content that enters their library and throughout the content lifecycle; designed for the centralized management of any metadata format, content type and workflow process; the file-based content ingested into and stored in the CMS may include VOD programs, advertising, music and games; increases overall operational efficiency through the automation of customized content processing via a rules management interface and extensible workflow.
+44 23 8048 4000;


1.4GHz high-power, circularly polarized broadband antenna features both azimuth and elevation pattern versatility in a single common box package; the common box approach allows broadcasters to choose transmission patterns without changing the mechanical specifications of the antenna design; low-wind-load construction allows for either side- or top-mounting and provides 10kW to 24kW ERP/polarization.
+1 207 655 8100;