Marquis’ Parking to Help TV One Manage Projects

PANGBOURNE, ENGLAND – TV One, a Maryland-based cable network, has recently acquired Marquis’ Avid storage management platform, Project Parking. Created to serve the African-American community, TV One will use the Marquis technology to manage its Avid projects.

Project Parking

According to Greg Kessler, manager, operations and technical support at TV One, Project Parking will be installed on the stations LTO server, to act as the gatekeeper between the Avid ISIS network and tape archive. The platform will help manage the station’s Avid storage and archive projects with the media as needed and track that information within the archive. Now with the ability to delete old content from active storage, TV One can be more open in its ingest policies.

TV One reaches 57 million households and is the home of the NAACP Image Awards and News One Now.

Marquis Broadcast is a provider of content workflows and media integration software based in the U.K.