Linear Acoustic ships TV audio processor with built-in Dolby digital encoding

Linear Acoustic has begun shipping its AEROMAX-5.1 10-channel TV audio processor created to meet the challenges of advanced DTV delivery,

The AEROMAX-5.1 features a loudness controller, upmixer and metadata manager. The processor accepts 5.1 network audio, two-channel local audio and digital or analog auxiliary/EAS stereo audio. Optional HD-SDI audio and metadata input and internal Dolby Digital (AC-3) or Coding Technologies aacPlus (MPEG-4 HE AAC) encoding are also available.

The system's built-in AutoMAX processing fixes two-channel audio that is broadcast wrongly signaled as 5.1 channels. This eliminates the annoying image shift that occurs as dialog moves from the left and right front speakers to the center speaker when programs transition between two and 5.1 channels.

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