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Harris to Intro Atlas Analog UHF Transmitter

The Harris Broadcast Communications Division will showcase its Atlas range of analog solid-state transmitters at NAB2005.

The Atlas range includes a two-cabinet, high-power model that broadcasters around the globe are using. The transmitter range offers an upgrade path to ATSC and DVB-T standards.

Power levels range from 2.5kW to 30kW and are geared towards terrestrial broadcasters who are operating in analog for the short term but plan to convert to digital soon.

"Broadcasters can replace aging analog transmitters now with a high-performance Atlas Analog transmitter and then simply and cost-effectively transition to digital when they are ready," said Dale Mowry, vice president and general manager of the Harris BCD TV broadcast systems business unit.

The transmitters feature full broadband solid-state architecture that work on any UHF channel. Additionally, the Atlas Analog features the Harris DTV-660 analog/digital excite for migration to digital and use in modern IT infrastructure.

Harris will be in Booths C3607A, C1907 and SU10048.