Genelec releases limited edition ‘tube’ loudspeaker

Genelec has launched a new premium active stereo loudspeaker for desktop and portable use. The Genelec 6000A Tube is an extremely compact active stereo loudspeaker designed to be used with computers, televisions, and portable audio players. Designed from the ground up as the perfect portable speaker, the 6000A Tube brings Genelec’s professional sound quality to virtually any device or location.

The Genelec 6000A Tube is designed to create a diffuse sound field that fills the room with sound effortlessly. Unlike other speakers, the 6000A Tube actually benefits from being placed near an object, wall, or corner, making the sound disperse evenly. The minimalist Harri Koskinen-designed aluminum enclosure is at home in confined spaces, yet robust enough for travel. Features include a remote control and automatic signal sensing function that switches the speaker to stand-by mode if no audio signal is detected for approximately 10 minutes. Like all Genelec models, each 6000A Tube is handcrafted and individually calibrated in Finland.

Only a limited number of the 6000A Tube speakers will be made. 1000 units are destined for the Japanese market, while another 1000 are sold exclusively through the Genelec website on first come, first-served basis in Europe.v