Game Creek Video Utilizes IHSE for PeacockOne Production Truck

CRANBURY, N.J. – They might not have been going 200-miles an hour, but Game Creek Video’s new production trucks, PeacockOne and PeacockOne B, drew some attention during NBC Sports first NASCAR broadcast over the Fourth of July weekend. Set to help provide full coverage of races for the rest of the NASCAR season, Game Creek Video will rely on IHSE KVM matrix systems for instant replays and video production management.

PeacockOne was designed to maintain the main equipment racks and move the playout and graphics rooms to PeacockOne B. The IHSE KVM equipment allows workstations on either unit to access any available server by connecting the workstation to a specific server. Pre-configured and stored connection paths allow the replay operators to connect their data servers with no interruption to workflow.

Specifically, Game Creek went with the Draco tera enterprise 160 port matrix as the primary KVM for PeacockOne and a Draco compact hybrid 32 fiber/48 cooper matrix for PeacockOne B. Using 32 fiber interconnects, the two KVM systems are able to act as a single KVM switch system. Software control of the two KVM matrices was handled by IHSE USA’s Grid Manager.

Game Creek previously installed IHSE’s KVM equipment into its FX-HD, Riverhawk and Spirit trucks.

IHSE is a provider of KVM products for long distance signal extenders and switching based in Cranbury, N.J.