Ensemble Designs introduces Avenue 4445 DVB-ASI clean protection switch

Ensemble Designs unveiled the Avenue 4445 DVB-ASI clean protection switch at IBC2010. This new clean switch provides a reliable way for broadcasters to stay on-air even if the primary feed fails. A clean switch is preferred by broadcasters because the home viewer will not perceive that a switch has occurred.

The 4445 cleanly switches to a backup ASI feed as needed based on user-set parameters. The 4445 is a smart switch that does a drill-down analysis of the transport stream and has auto-timing buffers on the inputs. These buffers align the two transport streams so the switch occurs at the beginning of an I-frame.

The 4445 also generates a new transport clock on the output. The benefit of the new clock is that when the switch occurs, it is completely transparent to downstream equipment.