CBS to Display Social Media Posts During Macy's Day Parade

NEW YORK—CBS is bringing real-time Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram posts to TV sets across the U.S on Thanksgiving during the Macy’s Day Parade. The only requirement is to tag each post with #tdaycbs.

Last year marked the first time CBS used the Vidpresso social media integration platform in its coverage of the Macy’s Day Parade. CBS showed Instagram photos of dozens of people watching the parade from home out to millions of others watching. CBS said that because of its success and warm reception, the national television network is bringing this feature back for the second consecutive year.

The tool serves multiple purposes for viewers and broadcasters alike. People engaging with the parade can share their experiences with their friends, which in turn drives audience engagement and helps bring more viewers back to the television screen. Additionally, It allows them to focus on one universal social media discussion that is featured on the television broadcast for other participants to see.

Streaming live social media feeds traditionally require expensive proprietary hardware and a complicated operating process, according to Vidpresso, which requires an internet connected device, a scan converter, and a subscription to its software.