Broadpeak Launches S4Streaming Platform

(Image credit: Broadpeak)

CESSON-SEVIGNE, France—Broadpeak is rolling out its latest product, the S4Streaming platform that aims to give video service providers more control over streaming quality and bandwidth usage.

With a combination of server-side technologies, S4Streaming assess and selects the appropriate quality for video streaming, reducing the latency of live streams, enabling higher bit rates for on-demand content delivery and decreasing video quality changes when network conditions vary.

Broadpeak’s S4Streaming system accurately measures the bandwidth available from the server side rather than at the player level. It also provides centralized control of quality stream selections based on the above server-side assessments or via operator-defined rules for estimations of QoE and dynamic adaptions. Service providers can also change video profiles at any time through S4Streaming.

With advanced analytics, S4Streaming allows service providers to determine how network investments will translate into an improvement in video QoE, prevent events that can cause QoE degradation, anticipate streaming limits and manage bandwidth. 

It also has a home network orchestration feature for service providers to distribute bandwidth resources among different devices and monitor bandwidth at the home level. A cell congestion capability for mobile applications enables management of backhaul and radio cell congestion.

S4Streaming is compatible with the existing ABR streaming ecosystem, as well as being able to operate in both unicast and multicast ABR environments.

The S4Streaming platform will be part of Broadpeak’s 2020 NAB Show booth (SU8921). For more information, visit (opens in new tab)