Bluefish444 Unveils Kronos Video and Audio Cards

MELBOURNE, AUSTRALIA—Bluefish444, a manufacturer of uncompressed 4K/2K/HD/SD video I/O cards, has announced its latest range of video and audio I/O cards, the Kronos. Designed to extend the feature set of its Epoch video cards, Bluefish444’s Kronos is designed for workflows that require UHD up to 8Km high frame rates up to 120fps, HDR and video over IP. Bluefish444 also recommends Kronos for single and multi-card support enabling 8K/4K/2K imagery.

New features for the Kronos cards include video processing technologies like resolution scaling, video interlace and de-interlace, hardware codec support, SDI to IP and IP to SDI conversion. It also offers the 12-bit color space conversion and low-latency capabilities that Epoch has.

Kronos also offers the choice of SDI I/O connectivity with the Kronos electron, featuring eight high density BNC connectors capable of SD/HD/3G SDI. Kronos optikós offers future proofing connectivity with three SFP+ cages in addition to two HD BNC connectors for SD/HD/3G SDI I/O. All Kronos cards will have eight lane Gen 3 PCIe interface for full duplex DMA. The cards will also provide access to high bandwidth UHD, high frame rate and high dynamic range video IO and processing, across traditional SDI and also emerging IP standards like SMPTE 2022. Bluefish444 expects to make HDMI 2.0 I/O, additional SMPTE 2022 IP standards and emerging IP standards but of future firmware updates.

Bluefish444 will officially release the Kronos range of cards in the fourth quarter of 2016; price will also be announced at that time.