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Blackmagic Design enhances Blackmagic UltraScope 3Gb/s SDI waveform monitor

Blackmagic Design announced a new software update for its Blackmagic UltraScope 3Gb/s SDI waveform monitor. Blackmagic UltraScope 1.1 now adds a new composite waveform view and is available to download free of charge for all Blackmagic UltraScope customers.

Composite waveform view is critical for color correction. Blackmagic UltraScope can show luminance, composite, or both luminance and composite displayed side-by-side. This side-by-side view allows colorists to see if objects in their images have color simply by comparing the luminance and composite views. If an object in a video image has color on it, then it’s easy to see the chroma on the composite view, compared with the luminance-only view. This lets colorists easily see any object in the image, in either blacks, mid grey or whites, and then adjust color to quickly neutralize the color of that object. Then once they have a numeral color starting point, they can then add color as they need.

Many color correction suites in post production facilities have three waveform monitors for accurate display of video levels for color correction work. These are normally RGB parade, luma plus composite display and vector scope. Now Blackmagic UltraScope includes all these views.