Japan leads the world in broadband speed

Sony’s own Internet service provider, So-net Entertainment announced the launch of what it clams is the worlds fast Internet connection to the home. The service claims a download speed of 2Gpbs.

In a story from the FarEastGizmos.com website, the company claims the service is about twice as fast the broadband speeds of other Japanese service providers.

As the chart below shows, Japan leads the rest of the world in deliver broadband speed.

The service, called Nuro, will cost $56/mo with a two-year contract. Initial installation costs $539. The company says the new service is targeted at individual homes and apartment buildings of less than two floors.

Internet users in the United States often complain that they are not getting similar service or prices. In Kansas City, for example, the price of a cable-company-provided 10Mbs runs about $60/mo. Google’s new fiber 1Gpbs service costs $70/mo. Plus, the customer is required to sign a two-year contract or pay a $300 installation fee.

The cost of broadband services around the world is shown in the figure below. Data comes from the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD).