Gepco announced new Hybrid Fiber Cable at 2013 NAB show

Gepco announced its new HDC720HD 7.2mm Hybrid Fiber Cable at the 2013 NAB Show. The cable is the first piece of a patent-pending hybrid fiber system that solves the most common durability issues associated with SMPTE camera cables in a smaller, lightweight design.

The new cable replaces the typical steel strength member with a lighter and more flexible Kevlar strength member that expands and contracts at the same rate as the glass members. Using Kevlar in place of steel also means the cable has virtually no memory, making the cable easier to pay off, lay flat and wind back up on the drum.

For further durability, the HDC720HD utilizes bend-insensitive fiber elements with low attenuation and a bend radius of 0.2mm — versus 2.0mm for traditional single-mode fiber — in a breakout style with additional Kevlar protection around the individual fibers.

See Gepco at NAB Booth C7408.